Greenwood Village

When it comes to demographics, Greenwood Village, Colorado is a city that scores highly in both categories. The city ranks second only to Inverness CDP in the percentage of naturalized citizens, and is home to a large Black population. In terms of diversity, the area is considered one of the most diverse cities in the country, with nearly half of its residents identifying as Native Americans. Those who identify as Black also make up a large portion of the community, accounting for nearly half of the entire population.

For those interested in equestrian activities, Greenwood Village is home to the Rollin D. Barnard Equestrian Park, Alexander Lane Equestrian Park, Monaco Crestline Equestrian Trail, and Steele Street Equestrian Crossing. For those who are interested in learning more about equestrian activities, there are numerous local horse trails, a public riding arena, and a cross-country course. A wide variety of art events and exhibits are held throughout the year at the Curtis Arts and Humanities Center, including the All Colorado Art Show and the Garden Avenue Equestrian Crossing.

Despite being a popular business center, the city also has its fair share of shopping opportunities. The Belleview Promenade is a major outdoor retail mall with luxury restaurants, salons, day spas, coffee shops, and women’s apparel boutiques. Those interested in purchasing designer jewelry will enjoy the numerous outlets available in this shopping area. In addition, there are numerous small boutiques and art galleries. The Greenwood Village Colorado economy is a strong one, and the population is home to some of the city’s most influential people.