Greenwood Village

When you’re considering moving to Greenwood Village Colorado, you may not realize that this suburban city is actually a bit smaller than other places in the area. In fact, it is only 19.3% smaller than its neighbor, Colorado. This is because Greenwood Village Colorado is a relatively small place, with a population of just 49,000 people. Nonetheless, you may still find it to be a desirable place to live. There are plenty of reasons to consider moving to this vibrant city.

The first pro of moving to Greenwood Village is its location. Although the city is located about 10 miles south of Denver, this suburban area benefits from being so close to a major urban area. Despite its proximity to a large metropolitan area, Greenwood Village offers many residents the benefit of employment opportunities in the city of Denver. A survey conducted in Greenwood Village found that 3.4% of workers there were unemployed over the past five years – significantly lower than the national unemployment rate of 5.9%.

Another reason why people move to Greenwood Village is its high-end homes. The median price of houses in Greenwood Village neighborhoods is well above a million dollars. The town’s proximity to Denver and other top suburbs in Colorado makes it a popular place to buy a home. Most neighborhoods also have parks, scenic views, and lush green open spaces. In addition, the median house price is considerably higher than the national average. This means that Greenwood Village is more expensive than Colorado overall.