Aurora Reservoir Recreation Area

The Aurora Reservoir Recreation Area is a beautiful waterfront park and outdoor recreation area in Aurora, Colorado. With over 800 acres of water for fishing, swimming, drinking-water storage, non-motorized boating, and paddle-boarding, this gorgeous reservoir is popular for many reasons. The reservoir is located east of E-470, giving residents of north Colorado easy access to this quaint, waterfront sanctuary.

The Aurora Reservoir is just east of Boulder Park and southeast of the Arapahoe County Fairgrounds Event Center. This quiet retreat in eastern Denver is perfect for anyone who appreciates aquatic landscapes and close-knit community members. If you’ve never visited this peaceful retreat just east of central Denver, then we highly recommend that you bring your friends and family members to the quiet beaches of the Aurora Reservoir Recreation Area!

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The Aurora Reservoir Recreation Area is one of the most popular reservoirs, recreation areas, and nature preserves for good reason. You’ll find plenty of exciting things to do at this gorgeous reservoir. Some of the most popular activities include fishing, swimming, boating (as long as it is without a motor), paddle-boarding, kayaking, and sun-tanning. This gorgeous reservoir attracts people from all around the state, especially those who have been yearning for beaches and expansive aquatic landscapes.

The park is open year-round to the public, but it is closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve and Day. Hours will vary between months, but for the most part, the park is open 12 hours a day. The park is free for pedestrians who walk in through the pedestrian gates. If you choose to drive into the park, then there is a $10-per-vehicle entrance fee, and you can park your vehicle right near the reservoir. The park is easily accessed by the general public, so long as you enter during park hours.

One of the most common questions that people ask about the Aurora Reservoir is this: is the water safe? Yes! The water is safe enough to swim in virtually any time of year. In fact, you can even drink the water if you wanted to! The Aurora Reservoir Recreation Area is a known drinking-water storage station. That means you can fill up your drinking water at the reservoir if you’ve just come back from a long hike or are planning on embarking on a mountainous journey at one of the nearby hiking parks. So don’t worry! You’ll never have to worry about the cleanliness of the water! The reservoir is closely monitored and filtered. This is why there are such strict bans on motorized boating at the reservoir.

If you’ve never visited this quiet, peaceful park, then we highly recommend that you visit the reservoir with your friends and family! It’s a great place for virtually any kind of nature-lover, and it offers a refreshing splash of aquatic scenery in Colorado’s otherwise alpine-desert climate. Bring your friends, family, and loved ones to the Aurora Reservoir for some fishing, swimming, boating, or paddle-boarding today, and experience all that the reservoir has to offer!

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