Aurora Fox Arts Center

The Aurora Fox Arts Center is an exciting attraction in northern Colorado. This gorgeous theater attracts theater-lovers and movie-lovers from all across Colorado. Thanks to its vintage aesthetic and smaller size, the theater is refreshingly cozy in the midst of a busy city. Because of this, the Aurora Fox Arts Center has something special to offer every kind of theater-lover.

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This vintage theater is located off of E Colfax Ave. You’ll find it just southeast of Montview Park and northeast of Lowry Park. This small, professional theater operates as a public service. It was originally built back in 1946, and it was charmingly deemed a “movie palace”. Today, it offers professional, Broadway-quality performances on a regular basis. If you’re a fan of live performances, then you’ll love visiting the Aurora Fox Arts Center!

This gorgeous, vintage theater is a great place to bring your friends and family members. Most visitors applaud the vintage atmosphere and high-quality performances. They also enjoy the fact that the theater is never too crowded or busy. Because of this, the Aurora Fox Arts Center is a great place for anyone who loves live performances, good company, and small-town vibes.

The Aurora Fox Arts Center has on average a 4.5 star-rating. Visitors of this gorgeous theater are often regulars, and they enjoy bringing their friends and fellow theater-lovers with them to experience this Aurora-exclusive attraction. Visitors have reported that the venue has a refreshingly “small-town: feel, so you’ll never have to worry about over-crowding and elbow-bumping. People have also reported that the theater group has “a lot of talent” and they enjoy the group’s creative interpretations of popular Broadway shows. The Aurora Fox Arts Center also offers acting classes to the general public, so anyone who is looking to join a professional theater group can learn from the experts of this charming Aurora theater.

The Aurora Fox Arts Center is a great place for a date night, an evening outing with friends, or a relaxing outing by yourself. Whether you’re brining your partner, your friends, your family, or just yourself to this marvelous theater, you’ll love experiencing this local treasure in the heart of Aurora, Colorado. But no need to only speculate! You can experience this charming theater for yourself right now! Grab your friends and family, or just grab yourself a beer and enjoy the theater by yourself! The Aurora Fox Arts Center is waiting for you right now in northern Colorado! Visit today, and experience this local spectacle for yourself!

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